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Rooted, established in 2016 under the entrepreneurial leadership of Mrs.Tamanna Loungani. Our goal is to introduce healthy eastern foods to a global audience. Our name says it all- we create products that are rooted in tradition and adapted to modern tastes.

What is a Popped Lotus Seed?

What tastes like popcorn, and is as wholesome as a superfood? A Popped Lotus Seed! Lotus seeds, also known as fox nuts, have been consumed in the Indian subcontinent for over 3000 years. Each superpop is loaded with nine essential amino acids, protein and fibre. Our popped lotus seeds are roasted and paired with the best ingredients to give you a healthy and nutritious snack. The lotus flower is a floating water lily plant native to Eastern Asia and is grown in water. The flower produces edible seeds which can be eaten cooked or raw. The plant is cultivated for these seeds in India, China and Japan and it has been consumed for thousands of years. Lotus seeds are harvested in stagnant wetlands; no fertilizers or pesticides are used during cultivation, making them Naturally Organic. Our raw lotus seeds are popped, roasted and flavoured.

Eat Rooted Flavours

The Lotus flower is in fact a giant lily found in wetlands, and contains edible seeds. Known for its medicinal and nutritional values, we decided to roast and flavour them.

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Get in touch with us

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